Welcome to Costa Rica!

In our country we are known for the warmth of our people, for the breathtaking beauty of our landscapes, our pleasant climate all year-round, our consolidated system of protected areas, our social and political stability, its high level of education and efficiency, quality of all services.

All this in a territory that covers only 0.03% of the planet which has approximately 6% of the global biodiversity in an area of 51 000 square kilometers, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, just three hours away by car or 45 minutes by air.

For Pikotravel , it’s a pleasure to welcome you in our country, so allow us to help, guide and advise you as well as to make you feel safe, just like home. Our motto persons serving persons is the reason why our human resource is constantly trained to keep on being your local expert, aimed to provide you with alternatives that, designed to your requirements, will make your visit to our country a satisfying experience.




Pikotravel warning for Los Sueños Marriot guests.

Before booking a tour, giving info or money to someone that offers you tours or activities Behind the Hotel Marriot at the Beach area .

make sure you do your homework first.

You will find people ready to rip you off. Make sure it’s a real business, look for reviews, websites or something that indicates you can trust this person.

Our tent and sales agents are easy to identify. Look for the Pikotavel logo.




Cancellations 24 hours before the tour, all your money back.